A Very Merry Result: New Client Case Study from Q4 2023 

The Challenge: 

A global retailer approached our team with several technological challenges that needed to be resolved in a limited timeline, as the client’s busiest time of the year was quickly approaching. A major concern for the client was supply chain management–  due to residual supply chain issues, the client was forced to quickly pivot from their typical suppliers to those in new global locations, requiring them to rapidly scale their global mobility solutions. 

In addition to this challenge, the client recently opened an office in a southern region over 12,000 miles away from their HQ to accommodate changing climate conditions and hired over 2,500 new staff members to meet rising demand for product output. 

Finally, the client’s principal concern was security. An increase in IoT devices used in scaling the manufacturing process, as well as upgrading the company vehicle fleet with “smart”  IoT technology, coincided suspiciously with a rise in impersonations of the clients’ brand trademarks and likeness, leading the client to suspect a breach of the personal and professional data of their CEO and COO, his wife, though a rapid response procedure did not detect any such breach. Despite that, this raised red flags within the organization, inspiring a renewed commitment to a robust security posture. Due to personal preference and temperature concerns at the facility, the client has long declined the use of an on-prem firewall.

The Solutions: 

TechChoice helped our client overcome their seasonal challenges with a suite of aaS solutions. We first addressed security concerns, in order to assuage anxieties about onboarding new technology at a critical time. We provided the client with a robust SASE security system that combined the cloud security capabilities needed with an agile network that would accommodate the needs of the business during their lengthy slow season, yet gracefully pivot during times of high volume operation, bypassing the need for an on-prem firewall, protecting their IoT investments, and setting a secure and efficient landscape for their new technology procurements. 

Next, we equipped the client with a highly efficient global mobility solution that tailors to their global supplier communications and operations. The client’s CEO travels across the globe yearly, and this mobile package will afford him excellent global coverage on the go. We also equipped the client with a robust UCaaS solution that accommodates uniquely remote and geographically dispersed locations, uniting communications between the northern and southern premises seamlessly.

The Results:

Our client is incredibly satisfied with the results of their new technology solutions. As we speak, they are hard at work preparing for this year’s busy season, ramping up production seamlessly. They feel empowered by their new streamlined communication and cybersecurity measures, and have been loading up the primary company vehicle in record time with goods to be delivered globally. Though the impersonations have only increased since the start of December, the CEO reports that he finds these impersonations somewhat flattering, as does his wife, and they have chosen to turn a blind eye.

The Outcome:

The Truth: 

Ok, you got us. Santa’s not our client. But, if he were, he’d be well equipped with technology architecture that remains agile through growth, scale, and change, built upon a strong foundation of cybersecurity. Basically, we’d cover his aaS. And, we’ll cover yours too. 

No matter what holidays you celebrate, when the merriment wears off, you may see challenges on the horizon– accommodating growth and expansion, doing away with stale solutions, or finally addressing nagging issues, to name a few. 

In January 2024, TechChoice will be proudly debuting an offering that’s long been in the works: CYaaS, a.k.a. Cover Your as a Service. We have formalized our methodology for mitigating risks associated with a service implementation, providing a robust and holistic solution for agile, headache-free new technology. 

We couldn’t have done this without your unwavering support. We are incredibly grateful to those who have supported us this and every year, and we look forward to overcoming new challenges and achieving amazing things in 2024. 

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