What is CYaaS?

TechChoice has a proprietary approach to “as a Service” solutions and platform implementations that ensures success by mitigating the risks that come with technology change. We call that Cover Your as a Service (CYaaS). Find out more and why you need your aaS covered.

CYaaS for Success

TechChoice is a committed partner and active participant in strategic IT planning and complex infrastructure initiatives. We’re a complementary force that amplifies your IT team’s capabilities and helps you mitigate the risks of technology change.

Clarity for Complex aaS Deployments

MSP, IaaS, MSSP, SWG, NGF, SDWAN, MPLS, DRaaS, SECaaS, VNF, UCaaS, XDR, MDR… W-T-… CYaaS, the only acronym you need to know because we understand the others and what they mean to you.


Predictable, Transparent, and
Expedient Solution Delivery

From beginning to end, we approach infrastructure projects with intentionality and thorough planning to drive them through to completion. This creates the conditions for success and gives our clients a predictable, transparent, and expedient solution delivery. Our clients always know where they stand in the process and can confidently report their actual progress against projections to leadership.

TechChoice Process


Know Where You’re
Going Before you Plan Your Route

Every project starts with understanding the unique requirements of each customer and the outcome they hope to achieve, and the risks of the project.


Solve for Today, Plan for Tomorrow

We take a design-first approach to projects to ensure that the solution is perfectly matched to the goals and mitigates the risks of the project.


Find the Needle
In a Stack of Needles

We’ll find the best-fit vendor for the job based on our insights into the strengths and weaknesses of over 250 leading and boutique service providers.


A Goal Without a Plan
Is Just a Wish

We create an all-encompassing project plan including financial modeling, resource planning, and all of the milestones and deliverables, managed with tools and resources.


Bring the Vision
Into Reality

The rubber meets the road when the implementation begins. We’ll manage and oversee all aspects of the project to ensure things get done.


Build the Machine
Then Keep it Running

Once the project implementations is successfully completed, We can provide degrees of ongoing support and management of the critical components of the architecture.

The Tools We Use to CYaaS

We use state of the art tools built on powerful technology to give us the insight and oversight to identify and mitigate the risks to your “as a Service” project implementations.


Market Intelligence and Insight

TechChoice. Deliver.


Keep Projects Moving Forward


Build the Machine and Keep it Running

Designed. Delivered.

Plan for Success

Learn how TechChoice can put our CYaaS process to work for your next IT infrastructure project.