TechChoice Covers Your
“as a Service”

TechChoice has insight and inside knowledge that only comes from thousands of successful transactions. We have systematized these insights into a transparent process with milestone deliverables designed to get superior outcomes. We pay careful attention to the operational and security impact of all decisions made in a project and give you the foresight to and actionable tasks to eliminate your exposure to risk.

Why CYaaS™?

IT teams are turning to “as a Service” solutions to give them the capabilities the organization needs. As these services and platforms evolve, so does the landscape of threats to successful vendor selection, implementation, budgets, and security.

To successfully implement an “as a Service” solution, you need to carefully consider: what the impact of the change to your environment will be; the potential holes it could open; what risks those holes present; and how to fill those holes to mitigate those risks.

It’s a lot of work for an IT team to do alone. That’s why you should Cover Your as a Service with TechChoice.

Get Your
aaS Covered

We understand the risks of these new technologies, and how they can impact your business. Working with TechChoice gives you a plan that you can use to navigate technology change and share with your stakeholders to help you sell the project and build their confidence. Talk to TechChoice today to get your CYaaS Report for your next technology project!

Case Studies

The Covered

Check out these case studies to see real-life examples of how TechChoice helped our clients with their “as a Service” implementations.

Our Approach

We Create the Conditions for Success

Our experience has taught us that the way to create a smooth and successful technology transition is through planning, risk assessment, and close management. Find out how our approach gets you the best results.

TechChoice Process

Our CyaaS Partners

Techchoice is a recognized leader in technology advisory and consulting services with deep experience in solution design, project management and implementation, and risk assessment and mitigation for telecom and IT technology projects. Get to know us a little more.

CYaaS™ on Your
Next Project

In today’s technology landscape, IT teams are being asked to give the enterprise more capabilities with limited resources and budgets. It gets even harder with escalating cybersecurity threats and the complexities of an application-driven ecosystem. TechChoice will Cover Your as a Service projects (CYaaS) by identifying and mitigating risks.