Cost Containment

TechChoice customers are given a full understanding of the marketplace. We provide cost insight, new providers information and products that can replace your existing solution while driving down your monthly spend.

Marketplace Evaluation-What provider and solutions can offer competitive pricing

Cost Analysis- Document containing all current and projected costs

Telecom Expense Management- Through partnerships with Advantix Solutions and Excelerate360, TechChoice has a full suite of TEM Products


Telecom Evolution

Carriers and Solutions are constantly evolving to keep up with the customer’s increasing consumption. Network reliability and performance are more vital than ever as all real-time applications are heading to the cloud.

TechChoice understand the latest technology and legacy environments.  We evaluate current infrastructure and work with our customers to develop a strategy to move forward.   We make sure that your migration strategy is informed and help you choose the right providers for your unique project.


Carrier Sourcing

TechChoice represents all carriers as your sales team and we remain your point of contact for the life of the relationship.  The customer’s goals are paramount and we manage the engagement with that in mind.  We make all recommendation based solely on the customers’ expectations and ensure that the selected carriers are in a position to shine.


Project Management

Simplified representation is the best way to stay engaged with the customer.

The TechChoice account team coordinates with multiple vendors to deliver a project plan that works for the customer.  We determine all project milestones and the associated timelines. The TechChoice team will assist the customer with any project related responsibilities and make sure that the carriers work is completed accurately.

When each stage has completed TechChoice will work with the customer to ensure that existing services are cancelled promptly to reduce double billing.



The Customer Experience is paramount.  TechChoice provides a consistent customer first experience throughout all services.

At TechChoice the same team that audited your account, provided a solution, and managed the implementation of your services will manage your Customer Advocacy team.  Carrier Support teams operate in queued silos.  Each silo has a script to cover with you and if that fails, another queue to another silo and another script.

By maintaining consistent representation TechChoice will be an advocate for our customers.  After the initial ticket is opened we deal with Tier 2 and escalate your ticket accordingly through the systems that we share with the carriers.   We engage carrier technical resources and customer site contacts as needed to promote a rapid resolution.