Build a network that positions you for success

Nowadays, success is all about agility. We’ve learned from recent world events that we can’t predict the ballpoint turns our needs will take nor the constantly shifting factors that determine them.

Enterprise IT departments are shifting their mindset, turning focus toward mobilizing resources that can quickly respond to the rapidly changing needs of the business, departments, and stakeholders. We know that CIOs need to be able to make decisions about their technology infrastructure faster and with less risk of failure– I mean, nobody wants to be that guy who brought on an unreliable vendor, made a network change that resulted in downtime, or, worse yet, compromised sensitive data. That guy is conveniently left out of the happy hour Slack invite at best, and at worst, you’ll see him walking out with a brown paper box full of paperweights and shame. Don’t be that guy.

CIOs need to build flexible networks that can allow them to respond quickly and to be proactive, saving the company time and money and saving their own ass in the process. 

In a constantly changing environment with high-stakes decisions on the line, it’s inevitable to stumble into security vulnerabilities. You’ll want to consider cloud-based solutions, and look for ways to synthesize secure cloud options, like SD-WAN and SASE, into a cohesive blueprint. You’ll also need to consider cybersecurity outsourcing options, other network features that make communicating and collaborating easier, and architecture to support your hybrid or WFH office through expanding perimeters and digitized meetings. Sounds easy, right? 

Of course not. Don’t worry– you’re not alone in your headache. 

Navigating options for vendors, network upgrades, and new technology infrastructure requires striking a sensitive balance between the old, the new, and the desires of stakeholders. These choices are a lot to take on, and luckily, trusted advisors exist to lend a hand. 

Here are three ways a trusted advisor like TechChoice can help you reach your technology goals.

1. We stay in the know on your behalf. 

A trusted advisor keeps tabs on vendors, and even moreso, maintains relationships with them. It’s unreasonable to expect that a CIO might have the same network of vendors in their back pocket– after all, how many do you keep in touch with besides your current service provider? Probably none, and that’s okay– you shouldn’t have to. A trusted advisor puts the time and work into creating those relationships.

Our experts diligently keep up with the newest industry trends and issues, proactively helping you get, and stay, ahead. We’ll update you on the best possible technology options and match you with the right provider, and should any issues, individual or industry-wide, occur, you’ll be the first to know and to have a solution.

2.  We streamline the details.

You know all of those sayings about being too close to see the big picture? Well, when you’re in the thick of operations, you’re likely looking at issues that are right in your face. A trusted advisor looks over your shoulder, far enough removed to see all of the landmarks on your technology map. Then, we help you draw new lines. 

Let’s just put it simply: aggregating and streamlining services helps to save you money. We help our clients achieve complete consolidation of their worldwide technology assets, offering the solutions and technologies you need in a singular deployment. After all, as Da Vinci said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” We couldn’t agree more. 

3.  We help get you running after disaster strikes.

In IT, as in life, we hope for the best and prepare for the worst. TechChoice takes that to a new level offering Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). We keep your mission critical systems running and help you prevent data loss or restore data at a moment’s notice. 

In the event of an emergency, you want somebody well-versed and well prepared on your side. When disaster happens, a trusted advisor like TechChoice helps you pivot with ease and confidence. 

Building a network is hard work, and it’s detailed work. It’s work that you don’t have to do alone. Whether you’re looking to prepare, to repair, or to overhaul your current systems, our experts tackle cloud, security, disaster recovery, and connectivity. We have comprehensive SD-WAN options and UCaaS/CCaaS options for all, and as we mentioned, we can tie it all together with aggregation. 

When it comes to your network, you’re the foreman, and you need skilled workers to help you bring your blueprints to life. We’ll grab a hardhat. Contact TechChoice today and turn your technology design into a solid piece of architecture.

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