Industries, We Have Everyone Covered

There is no project too large or small for TechChoice.  Due to the nature of our business we can work with any client in any industry.  Changes in regulations and technology can focus certain products on specific industries. TechChoice balances your specific needs with industry compliances and ensure that the overall solution meets its mark.

Financial Services

Keep your clients happy by staying ahead of your competition. Transfer information quickly and securely through low latency networking and fully compliant cloud solutions.


Migrating to EMR? Looking for data storage to remain compliant? TechChoice understands that budgets are tight and resources are sparse. Leverage HIPAA compliant solutions and Managed Services that keep you up to date without exhausting all of your internal resources.


Distributed workforce management. You have ideas; but do you have the tools? The corporate landscape is constantly changing and many carriers are waiting with open arms. Let us show you who can deliver and who cannot.


Have you watched the news today? The odds are that someone somewhere is the victim of a company wide data breach. Deter hackers with a solid foundation. Private WAN, Hosted Security and PCI Compliance solutions will help keep you out of the headlines and in the black.


Mandates and a constantly shrinking budget.  TechChoice will help you leverage your state or federal contract to deliver new technology to all users.  Budgets never increase and we can help find out where your technology spend is best used and where we can save.


Need to catch up with the 90’s never mind plan for the future. Are you prepared for mobile deployments, flip instruction, and interactive classrooms? Probably not, but you’re thinking about it. TechChoice will help you determine the best way to take advantage of technology that can help your students and faculty achieve better results.


How do you turn a loss into a gain? Have you checked your trip advisor rating lately? Conference clients require agile technology to utilize your space. Do you have infrastructure in place to scale ahead of the tech heavy traveler?

Call Centers

Equipment is expensive to replace and time consuming to maintain.  Omni channel is no longer the future it is the standard.  Let’s discuss intuitive solutions that can redefine how you communicate with your customers.