TechChoice understands the power of relationships and offers three models to formalize them. The partnership levels are built to fit the needs of everyone. You’re trusting us and we take that very seriously. We know this is the best way to promote our business as well as solidifying the reputations of our partners. We will not let you down. We want to talk to you and find out what you think, please contact us to discuss our partnership offerings.

Collaboration Partner

TechChoice collaborates with many companies and individuals on an individual case basis. Engage our expertise and extensive relationships to solidify an existing customer or to get a new one across the finish line.

Technology Partner

Concentrate on your core competencies and lean on us for everything else. We would love to form a partnership that fills a void in your offering. Let us help with the variables that will make your product shine.

Choice Partner

Grow your business with an elite partnership.  In addition to sales support, project management and customer service our Choice Partners will have access to TechChoice quoting tools, marketing material, CRM and lead generation.