Managing Technology Change

You can’t assess and mitigate the implementation, vendor, budget, and security risks of “as a Service” solutions alone. You need TechChoice CYaaS™. No one has ever been fired for selecting “insert Fortune 500 company.” We know–we’ve all heard it before. But, no one has been getting a raise for it of late either. Maybe we […]

A Very Merry Result: New Client Case Study from Q4 2023 

The Challenge:  A global retailer approached our team with several technological challenges that needed to be resolved in a limited timeline, as the client’s busiest time of the year was quickly approaching. A major concern for the client was supply chain management–  due to residual supply chain issues, the client was forced to quickly pivot […]

Everything New At TechChoice in 2023

We are excited to usher in another year of growth here at TechChoice. After wrapping up our 5th straight year as a top advisor in the channel ecosystem and earning the Pinnacle Summit designation, we are committed to (and looking forward to) continued success in 2023.  We can’t thank our clients and partners enough for […]

Build a network that positions you for success

Nowadays, success is all about agility. We’ve learned from recent world events that we can’t predict the ballpoint turns our needs will take nor the constantly shifting factors that determine them. Enterprise IT departments are shifting their mindset, turning focus toward mobilizing resources that can quickly respond to the rapidly changing needs of the business, […]

Empty Desk, Full Arsenal: Alternatives to In-House Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity specialists have their pick of jobs, and as we discussed in last month’s job, it’s not easy to land a full-time, in-house specialist. Demand is high and the talent pool is scarce, and the skills shortage is impacting many in the IT and telecom sector. You know what that means– cybersecurity talent is expensive.  […]

Switching Gears on Cybersecurity Hiring: How Outsourcing is Key in 2022

TechChoice Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is a hard hire. It’s also your most important one this year. But… it may not be a “hire” at all.  In 2021, Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) surveyed 489 cybersecurity professionals about their work. 95% of respondents claimed that the cybersecurity skills shortage and its impact have not […]

Comcast Business Acquires Masergy: A Win for the Industry

Comcast Business graphic

I’ve been in the technology space for over 15 years and, as the cliche goes, the only constant in this business is change. As technology evolves at an accelerated pace and market demands and needs shift, the competitive landscape of providers, platforms, and ecosystems evolves too. Sometimes in response, sometimes to blaze a new trail […]