Excellence without Influence

What is TechChoice

TechChoice is a dedicated account team that intelligently represents the products and services of 110 telecom and service providers. Our unique position in the industry allows us to offer best in breed, multi or single carrier solutions and manage them as a single entity.

We are selected by customers in the public and private sectors that require their service provider to be informed and accountable.  TechChoice continually studies the marketplace and brings insight of both legacy and emerging solutions to each engagement.

We guarantee the best price and service. We do not markup cost. You will be the customer of record with access to all carrier resources as well as TechChoice’s expertise at no additional cost.

Why TechChoice

 TechChoice is not influenced by sales quotas or carrier compensation.  Our only goal is that of the customer.  Through a multi-step process, we uncover all technical, business and service requirements. We evaluate each customer’s unique situation.  The solution is designed to the specific needs of the customer and Carrier’s are put in a position to succeed. TechChoice does the work instead of leaning on the carriers and being sold ourselves.

We save you time.  TechChoice will have a technical knowledge of your infrastructure and it’s intended use. We will be your closest ally if an issue arises. Rather than providing “the extra layer of support” by answering your calls and then shuffling you off to the carrier (wasting time) we sit on your side and facilitate a prompt resolution.

Churn mitigation.  The average technology account team stays in tact for six months; a period that is much lower than the average contract term. TechChoice will support you for the entire duration of our relationship.

About TechChoice

TechChoice is a group of people that believe that a customer should be able to trust their vendors and we work diligently in the best interest of the customers that trust us. We understand today’s technology and use it to impact your bottom line. We concentrate on the challenges of our individual clients’ while keeping an eye on the future.

We are not reinventing the wheel, nor will we attempt to. Simply put, we are moving the wheel in the direction that best suits our customers.